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Podcast #9 – Sustainability and Real Food in Asia

Podcast #9 – Show Notes:
Ian and Todd discuss their learnings from their time in Asia so far. Topics include seafood sustainability, shark fin soup, dynamite fishing, mercury and arsenic in seafood and what we can do about the waning food supplies and unhealthy environment–including eating responsibly, eliminating food waste not buying what they keep selling us. An announcement of upcoming podcast guests.

Podcast #8 – Krishy from Cravings! Magazine

Podcast #8 Show Notes:
Krishy and his beginnings as a writer, then a publisher and balancing act between print and digital media. Cravings! Christmas issue featured a roasted chicken recipe and an article about Ian Nenke, and a plethora of recipes. Krishy shares his secret for cooking moist, delicious chicken breast. The upcoming issue will be a food guide to Singapore, with a bent towards the local, everyday diner, as opposed to “fine dining”. Cravings! app also available on iTunes and Google/Android.

Podcast #7 – Russel Wong, Photographer of the Stars

Podcast #7 Show Notes:

Photographer of the stars, Russel Wong discusses his early years, how he “fell in” to photography, even after not wanting to be one of the “photo geeks” from high school. Getting started as a sports photographer, then fashion, and now high-profile celebrity shoots. A discussion about food in Singapore, Malaysia and beyond and how an appreciation of food, and photo ops, get better when you leave then come back. Russel’s unique relationship with Anthony Bourdain and they often hang out together when Anthony is in town. Join us for this visit with the delightful Russel Wong. And be sure to visit https://www.russelwongphoto.com to see his gorgeous photography.

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Podcast #6 with Sharina Ali

Podcast Episode #6 Show Notes:
Sharina Ali, owner Baker’s Garden. Sharina shares her story of starting a business in Malaysia. She was familiar with all the choices in Singapore but didn’t see the same in Malaysia. Her daughter was having health issues and wanting to eat gluten free and Sharina couldn’t find much. She met her partner Judy Millar and the business grew out of conversations they had while helping each other with rescuing cats and dogs. We want to offer something for the residents of the neighborhood. We do everything in house. Different menu daily based on fresh ingredients and what’s in season. We try to source all our ingredients locally, including our coffee. There are a lot of pockets of organic farmers we are trying to connect with. Everything is real ingredients, no coloring, not highly processed. Discussion of local Malaysian customers ability to purchase organic, fresh food. The impact of the local economy on healthy food purchasing. Opening a business as a woman in Malaysia. Soft bread vs. real bread. Considering baking bread but still working on sourcing the proper ingredients. Sharina worked in food R&D. Most bakeries add an aroma to the air to make it more enticing. Sharina’s cat rescue efforts. Visit www.bakers-garden.com

Hours 10am – 5pm. Considering opening for breakfast. Closed Sunday, Monday.

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Podcast #5 – Holiday Edition with Mary Nenke and Cambinata Yabbies

Podcast Episode #5 Show Notes:
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This week’s show features none other than Ian’s mother, Mary Nenke, one of the leaders of Western Australian farming and environmental sustainability. Mary speaks of her farm, Yabbies, how the business of exporting live Yabbies worldwide came into being. Sustainability and clean nature of Yabbies and how to best cook them. It was visiting Singaporeans who gave Mary a lot of ideas for cooking Yabbies. For interest in procuring fresh, live Yabbies from Western Australia, contact Ian Nenke at ian@aggsfoods.com.sg.

Podcast #4 – Chef Lorenz Raich of Chef’s Table in Singapore

Podcast Episode #4 Show Notes: Chef’s Table just won “Best of the Best” Epicurean Star award. Chef Lorenz Raich discusses his “Western Omakase” style of service. Guests choose from a list of ingredients, then the Chef prepares and brings to the table to discuss the food. Intimate space provides close contact with customers, kitchen, and Chef. Evolution of the concept. Every meal is customized for every person, tables designed to be eye-level with the customer. Ingredients change daily, no set menu. Every morning, suppliers contact the Chef to let them know what is freshest, best. Many using WhatsApp. Catering options. Grew up in a small village next to Innsbruck, between Germany and Italy. 8 years ago, visited Singapore and got a chance for internship and met Stefan. Evolved from a wine bar with degustation menu and started listing ingredients, then thought, why not get the customers involved? 4-course, 6-course, 8-course available. Wine pairings. Yabbies coming on the menu mid-December. Lunch 4-course option available on Fridays. Chef’s favorite ingredients.

Podcast #3 – Chef Julien Royer of Odette in Singapore

Podcast Episode #3 Show Notes:  Listing of accolades received by Odette. Grandma drinking a cup of pig blood(!). “You can be the best chef in the world but alone you are nothing,” says Chef Julien. There is less and less artifice to his plates, “I remove things rather than adding things.”  Sourcing in Singapore – 97% of food in Singapore is imported – but we are in the crossroads–fish from Japan, produce from Europe, seafood and meat from Australia – line caught, wild. Yabbies–look for a new Yabbie dish on Odette’s menu. “…an interesting mix between a nice crayfish and blue lobster, I’m very impressed by the quality.”  Chef tries to follow European seasons. Upcoming menu reflects Autumn and Winter dishes–root vegetables, Langoustine, Brittany Pigeon. Coming up is the peak of white truffle season. We print our menu on a daily basis, based on prime ingredients. The distinction between “Artist” and “Artisan”. A chef’s typical day.

Podcast #2 – Chef Gunther of Gunther’s in Singapore

Podcast Episode #2 Show Notes: Ian and Todd speak with Chef Gunther of Gunther’s, which is celebrating 10 years in Singapore. Chef Gunther talks about his upbringing, working in his family restaurant and how he made his way from Bruges, via Paris and an economy ticket to Sydney, Australia with a fateful layover in Singapore. Breaking news is announced about an upcoming change to the restaurant. Style of service and catering options are discussed, particularly home catering. Imagine Chef Gunther cooking in your home! He explains his style of service, showing customers the ingredients, in homage to his father, who used to do the same back in his family restaurant, and the importance of using fresh product, especially seafood.
Podcast #1 – Intro to the show

Episode #1 Show Notes: Ian Nenke and Todd Lejnieks introduce themselves and talk about upcoming podcasts. We will be soon releasing podcast episodes talking with Chef Gunther, of Gunther’s, Chef Julien of Odette, and Chef Lorenz of Chef’s Table. Ian mentioned his Seafood business website, Australian Gourmet & Seafood Services, which imports Cambinatta Yabbies into Singapore. Looking forward to visiting with Chef Jake from Salt Grille and Krishy Mal of Cravings! online food magazine. Todd also mentioned his blog, www.toddinasia.com. And recommended Bulletproof Coffee and the Dave Asprey Biohacking podcast. Ian said he wanted to interview Chef Gordon Ramsey and Andrew Zimmern.

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