About Ian and Todd

Ian Nenke was raised on a wheat and sheep farm in Western Australia, owned by his family since 1914. Twenty years ago, his dad Michael, who had a longtime hobby of catching yabbies, got a telephone call from a friend trying to source the crustaceans for a Perth restaurant. That phone call ended up turning his pastime into a thriving business. Now, the yabbies are sourced from 700 farms in the region and, in a good year, the company sells 75 tonnes of yabbies, 70 percent of which are exported.

Ian now devotes his time to importing those yabbies, as well as other seafood, into Singapore, where he lives nearby with his wife, Megan, who teaches in Malaysia and one-year-old son, Indy. In addition to his passion for all things yabbie, Ian hosts this podcast, loves Aussie football and will smoke your butt in foosball if you’re fool enough to challenge him.

Todd Lejnieks is California born and raised and moved to Malaysia to support his partner, Rachelle, with her position as a Clinical Trainer for Thermi. He has 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, having started as a dishwasher and worked his way to Regional Manager for Chevys Fresh Mex. He also writes on his blog at www.toddinasia.com and is a volunteer for and supporter of Pachamama Alliance. He has been a Type 1 diabetic since age 14 and is happy to share his insights as to healthy eating, believing that any diet good enough for a T1D is great for everyone.

Ian and Todd met where they both currently live in Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia and formed a partnership based on their desire to contribute, and their love of food, healthy living and exploring Asia. They are excited about sharing that purpose and those passions with you.