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Podcast#14 – Chef Jake Kowalewski of Salt Grill and Sky Bar, Singapore

Podcast #14 – Show Notes
A delightful conversation with one of the most humble, while amazingly talented Chefs in Southeast Asia, Jake Kowalewski. We chat about his beginnings as a dishwasher and how he learned his trade to become the Head Chef of Salt Grill and Sky Bar in Singapore. Also, some lively discussion about Cricket, Yabbies, the Orient Express, Tokyo and the demanding but rewarding life of a Chef. We strongly recommend a visit to Salt Grill and Sky Bar, and book your Mother’s Day reservations right now!

spizeRichard Frick
Podcast #13 – Richard Frick from Spize – Temasek Club, Singapore

Podcast #13 – Show Notes
After Culinary school in Frankfort, German at the age of 17, Richard went to Switzerland and found his passion for cooking from working with a French Chef. Skiing in the mornings, cooking in the afternoons and evenings. Then, he made his way to Malta where he learned to cook Mediterranean food. Chef Richard shares his Yabbie cooking technique. Discussion of food waste and why it is important to use all of the food with no waste. Respect for the animal and for the planet. Later, he moved to Dana Point, California and worked on the Sea Cloud, a cruise ship before making his way through Lichtenstein to cook in a Michelin star fine-dining, Restaurant, Maree. Upcoming menu additions at Spize.

What is the Temasek Club?

The blessing and curse of sourcing food in Singapore.

Future plans of Chef Richard – finish his culinary education in Australia then open a restaurant back in Germany–a fusion of all he has learned into one place. Inspired by Chef’s Table

(Hear Chef Lorenz Raich of Chef’s Table on FFAHLA podcast #4)

Spize website


Podcast #12 – Elika Tasker of Kitchen by Food Rebel

Podcast #12 – Show Notes
Elika Tasker of Kitchen by Food Rebel spins a lively and entertaining talk of bringing clean and healthy food and living to Singapore. Her beginnings in the corporate world and struggle to climb the ladder of success led her to seek a lifestyle that could support her goals. What she found changed her life, and now her purpose is to help change the lives of others seeking health and happiness.

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Podcast #11 – Ryan Clift of Tippling Club

Podcast #11 – Show Notes
Chef and Owner Ryan Clift discusses how the world of cooking and becoming a chef saved him. The fascinating story of his logo. What is a “sonifier”? Outstanding philanthropic work. This outspoken chef will have you glued to your podcast player. 

Podcast #10 – Gavin Booth – All Things Truffle

Podcast #10 – Show Notes:
Gavin Booth of Australian Truffle Traders. What is a truffle? Explaining the storied history of truffles including one man’s passion to prove truffles as an aphrodisiac. Best use of truffles in cooking. What about truffle oil? Training dogs to find truffles. Getting truffles to the United States from Western Australia in one hour. The life of a truffle farmer and how difficult it is to make a living farming truffles. If you want truffles, contact Gavin info@australiantruffletraders.com or for truffles in Singapore, give Ian Nenke a shout at ian@agssfoods.com.sg

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